Campsite Guidelines


Check-In time is 4 p.m. (CST) and Check-Out time is 3 p.m. (CST). If you intend to arrive before 4 p.m. (CST), please notify our office, and we will make every effort to have your campsite available. However, we can’t guarantee its availability until 4 p.m. (CST).

“Check-Out” means your Campsite must be vacated by 3 p.m. (CST). We ask that you honor our Check-Out time promptly to minimize hardship on the next arriving guests. However, you are allowed to stay in the park and enjoy all the amenities until 7 p.m. at no extra charge.

Deposit: The total amount due, for your reservation, will be taken (as a deposit) at the time a reservation is booked.

Seasonal Campsites: Deposit is $100 due when booking, remaining balance due in full by April 15th.

Per Person Fee: The Per Person Fee is part of your Camping fee. We find it to be the fairest way to price Campsites/Lodging for different size groups and it includes all the facilities our Campground has to offer.

Minimum Reservation: During Peak Season there is a TWO (2) night minimum reservation for all campsites. Holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor day) and Cranfest require a THREE (3) night minimum reservation, at the Holiday Rate.

Cancellations – Campsites: We will return your deposit minus a $30 service charge if you cancel FIFTEEN(15) or more days before your arrival date. If you cancel FOURTEEN (14) days or less of your arrival date your full deposit is forfeited.

Cancellations – Holidays & Cranfest: We will return your deposit minus a $30 service charge if you cancel THIRTY (30) or more days before your arrival date. We do not refund holiday deposits on cancellations made TWENTY-NINE (29) days or less of your arrival date.

Please make sure you schedule your holiday reservations carefully.

Cancellations – NO SHOWS: Guests failing to contact us to cancel their reservation (with the required time, listed above) will be considered a ‘NO SHOW.’ ‘NO SHOWS’ are subject to the same cancellation policies.

Cancellations – Seasonal Campsites: Once a deposit is made for a seasonal site any cancellation, and you will forfeit your $100 deposit.

Pets: Pets are welcome at campsites, but must be kept on a leash (maximum length 6′) at ALL times, while outside. Pets must never be left unattended outside or unattended in a tent. Excessive barking will not be allowed. A responsible person must walk pets and must be picked up after, immediately. All rules at the Bark Park must be followed. Due to WI Health codes, pets are not allowed inside any buildings, bathrooms, pools, hot tubs, beach or playground areas. Pets are not permitted at tent sites.


State Law prohibits ground Disposal of any drain water (gray or black). Wastewater from RVs (including sink water) must be disposed of into sewer drains. Do not put grease down the sewer.

Sewer Connections are required by State Law and must have a tight seal by a Sewer Donut (or Sewer Ring) or a screw-type connector.

Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore we do not give refunds due to whims of Mother Nature.

The Management reserves the right to refuse service, limit the length of stay and the number of persons or vehicles per site and/or evict any person or party without refund. Park staff are not allowed to work on guests’ RVs or other personal equipment.

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